What is the DirectConnect Suite?

The DirectConnect Suite is a collection of software and internet application tools that allow our valued clients to connect directly to our reservations and information system.

What advantages does using DirectConnect give me?

DirectConnect is the fastest, most efficient way of communicating with our reservations center. The system is capable of providing instant availability, pricing, and booking confirmations which dramatically (or in many cases, completely) eliminates time spent on the telephone! Additionally, if you are subscribed to our 'prevailing rate' feature your rates will be automatically adjust to take advantage of any current sales or promotions. As of our latest update DirectConnect clients now receive access to last-minute inventory and can take advantage of same-day booking as close as 1 hour from departure depending on the tour.

How does it work?

DirectConnect can work in your organization in several ways. If you utilize an in-house reservations system, our DirectConnect API (Application Programmer Interface) component can be leveraged by your technical team to easily build a communications bridge between your system and ours.

Additionally, for our clients who don't use large (or even small) reservations systems, our DirectConnect Panel provides a user friendly, dead simple website that can be used to make reservations on behalf of your customers. The panel runs entirely inside a web browser - so there is no software to download.

Note: For security, speed, and stability reasons, our DirectConnect team highly recommends the Google Chrome browser. Its available for free from Google Chrome. You'll never want to use Internet Explorer again.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the DirectConnect Suite offerings, please contact your sales representative. You can also get a head start with the on-boarding process by registering for access here!

Get Started

Getting set up doesn't have to be incredibly difficult or time consuming. Start by registering for access and then talk to your sales representative who will guide you through the process, as well as connect you or your team to the necessary technical expertise.

Register for Access

Developer Tools


We maintain our documentation entirely online. The full integration guide and API spec can be found at here


Developers may also utilize their credentials in our development playground to run real calls against our API and view the results in-browser. The playground is located at here

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